About JD Cohen

IMG 3763 1 3 As an avid music lover, I have always been spellbound by the images that capture the energy and the essence of musicians and the live music experience. Concert posters, album art, and music magazines fueled this passion. As my knowledge of music expanded, so did my desire to capture the live music experience through the visual medium of photography. After shooting hundreds of concerts and music festivals for local and National publications throughout the United States, it became obvious to me that what attracted me to music photography was my desire to capture the human experience in all its forms and manifestations. 

In the past several years I have brought my passion for music photography to numerous national and international events for both profit and non-profits clients. I have also photographed sporting events, culinary demonstrations, family portraits, celebrations, and milestones.  

My ability to capture the essence of my subjects and their surroundings, in addition to being able to make a personal connection with the people and subject matter I photograph, is what makes me different from other photographers and ultimately brings my unique vision to the work that I do. 

I grew up at the high point of rock and roll. There was a magical quality to those early live music experiences. You know when people say “you had to be there?” This was the feeling of being there. I’ve sought out that feeling in one way or another my entire life, through concert posters, album art, and music journalism. But for me, nothing quite captured the feeling of being there like the intense visual images of concert photography. 

After hundreds of concerts and thousands of hours, I’ve started capturing the feeling of being there in many other parts of my life. I’ve turned my camera towards family vacations, precious moments with my children, my neighborhood, and my community.

Everybody has moments of magic in their lives, moments where you had to be there. Capturing those moments for people brings me the same joy and rush I feel capturing the magic of my own life.